Starborough Smoke Get in yr Eyes (Fen) we kept from the litter, Starborough Painter Crow & Kumbaya Kismet Starborough we are very pleased with her outgoing personality and she is is a lovely mover.  Her first show was the UK Specialities in Scotland, she won bitch puppy at both shows, beaten to Best Puppy by her Brother Starborough Sweet Child 'o'Mine. She also enjoyed the racing and showed great promise.  We are hoping to breed from her in the later part of the year.

Fen was mated to the young German dog owned by Gill Grist, we had a lovely litter but when they were five weeks old Fen had a tragic accident, she broke her wrist, she was so good during all the treatment that she was put forward for the countrywide award of 'Braveheart' given annually, to the dog they feel really deserves it.  She enjoys walks and  quite rough playing but will be shown seriously again.  She did go to the show in Wales in the altered classes and won best altered at both shows.  Sometimes she is sound sometimes she is not, that day she was sound.


she gets away with everything, those eyes just melt you.

she gets away with everything, those eyes just melt you.

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